18 years of experience

Dynamic Trade” is a company located in Zvecan. Founded in 2001, it merged creative, expert and financial potential of several smaller companies and individuals active in the north part of Kosovo into one larger enterprise.

  • Construction (General Construction, Civil Engineering and Hydro-Technical Facilities)
  • Production of aluminium and PVC doors and windows
  • Locksmith workshop, metal constructions, industrial constructions, kiosks, etc
  • Engineering and consulting in mining and industry
  • Construction and reconstruction of mechanical and thermotechnical plants and facilities
  • Construction and reconstruction of electrical facilities and installations
  • Trade with specialized machines, equipment and spare parts in industry
  • Wholesale of colored metals, alloys and batteries


Current works Dynamic Trade


From the very beggining back in 2001, one of main sctivities of the company was cunstruction. Implementig proffesional and efficient organization, respecting cunstruction schedules and providing good quality of works carried out, we were able to build a reputation of good contractor, and position uorselves as one of the most significant companies in the north part of Kosovo. more…


From the very beginning, some of main activities of the company were mechanical and electrical works, as well as works on thermotechnical facilities.
Within the field of engineering, we operate through the following areas:
Industry, mining, metallurgy more…


In early 2003, company starts production of aluminium and PVC doors and windows. This section was originally envisaged to satisfy growing demand for this type of product in construction sector, for buildings constructed for various investors. more…


Iz oblasti crne bravarije bravarije vršimo izradu sledećih elemenata:
dvorišne ograde, stepenišne ograde, stolarija, zaštitne rešetke. more…