In early 2003, company starts production of aluminium and PVC doors and windows. This section was originally envisaged to satisfy growing demand for this type of product in construction sector, for buildings constructed for various investors. Over the coming period of time, it has become clear that there is great demand for this type of products in private sectors. Shortly after, products are offered to wider public, opening a completely new market, and creating foundations for expansion of production.
        In the mid 2008, new production line has been installed, while moving into a larger production space, with total surface of 800 m2, with additional 500 m2 of storage. Line for production of glass has been significantly improved with automated glass washer, butyl extruder, and door and window simulator. Lines for aluminium and PVC have been also improved, with two-headed saw for cutting of aluminium and PVC profiles, and two-headed welder for welding of PVC profiles.

        Company works with aluminium and PVC profiles of renowned manufacturers, such as Alumil, Nissal, Trokal, Rehau, Veda and others, but we can offer products using profiles per request, thus placing customer satisfaction first. New in production program is 6-chamber PVC profile with integrated shutters (various selection of PVC and aluminium shutters), mosquito nets and window sills.